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About Us

Established in July 2015. We are a service oriented company offering professional ideas for interior decoration. We also provide a full range of services varying from space planning, conceptual design, site supervision and coordination with project management.


Our Process

Believe it or not, you are only 7 simple steps away from a perfect living/working environment! Let’s start with a consultation where we understand your needs and concerns. Then we will personally conduct a site visit and take measurements, making sure everything is within expectation. Afterwards, we’ll produce a 3D rendering for your approval. Then construction begins and we monitor its progress monitoring. Then we’ll conduct an acceptance check with you. We’ll provide a maintenance service after.

OUR Materials

The material that we use are of the highest quality, and that’s because interior design needs to last long, and high-quality materials maintain their appearance for a longer period of time, in addition to being more durable. Premium paint and adhesives are also less harmful to the body, and your health is very important to us, just like your satisfaction.

Our showroom

Our showroom is located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui East. Visits are by appointment only, and we are confident that our showroom will provide great inspiration to improve your interior design. Make an appointment with our interior design consultant by filling the form below:

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